YMS-09D Dom

Model Name: YMS-09D
Unit Name: Dom Tropical Test Type
Radar: 1800m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TJ engine typeC lvl.2
Carry Weight: 92000 kg
Store Price: 500,000 Ef
Store Sell: 245,500 Ef
Skills Required 3.0 Mobile Suit
Weapon Slots:

Maniplulator x3

Unit InformationEdit

Spec Sheet
Armor Dodge Critical Accuracy
6 6 4 6


Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

Recommended engines are 3A or if possible a 4A engines. Use 026 or 008 upgrades. When it comes to using Doms, it is best to use these units with "Hit and Run" tactics,

Alternate ColorsEdit

Dom Tropen White

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