Admin has updated the server with the following:

New EF MS colors: G-3, RX-78-2 (two), RX-79G, RX-79G Ez8, RGM-79(g), RGM-79L

New Zeon MS colors: MS-14B, MS-14S, MS-14, MS-09RS DOM, MSM-07 Zgok.
New clothes: Boater (hat), Strawhat, EF beret, Zeon overseas cap, protective sunglasses, safety goggles.
EF gets new colors for RX-78 and RX-79G shield (Store bought only; cannot be crafted.)
All Shields now have similar (if not the same) strength. (EX shields are now also equal to each other.)


- Videos, polls,

- Crafting FAQ, Macro guide

-Will update this blog as new content is added/screen capped.

Lance Gerfield 23:10, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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