Next player event (after OGGO vs. Ball)?

The poll was created at 23:32 on June 12, 2011, and so far 252 people voted.

TGM vs. Zaku I (CQB only)


Another Ayers Rock platform, or maybe even at Orbost, Would be a classic styled fight with players at a line, then rushing at the whistle. (hommage to traditional roman or greek type fighting) Basic, Heat hawks and RX-78 Sabers only.

Dogfight! (fighters only) DopFf6

Often one of the underated aspects of the game, but fun to use if you get the hang of it.

Dogfight would be limited to planes (MIDEA & Fat Uncle use? Discuss.) and probably be at ayers rock again :)


any other suggestions or ideas? comment below :)

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