• Lance Gerfield


    November 25, 2011 by Lance Gerfield

    Please see the following pages for listings on what's missing:

    Incomplete Pages - EFF

    Incomplete Pages - Zeon

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  • Lance Gerfield

    Server Upgraded

    September 13, 2011 by Lance Gerfield

    Many players has probably noticed the server could be a little slow when there was over 700 players online and battles in Richmond or Newman. That was because network use on the server would be 90% to 100% at those times, UCGO uses a lot of bandwidth just as it uses a lot of CPU power.

    The server has been upgraded and hopefully it will perform better when there are many players online fighting in Richmond/Newman.

    To avoid any confusion: This does not mean the game will run faster and you will not get higher FPS. But the response time from the server should be better and hopefully less lag when there are many players online.

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  • Lance Gerfield

    Admin: have now successfully imported a new 3D model into UCGO. The model was made with 3D Studio Max and I am able to load and display it inside UCGO.

    I’m not sure if everything is 100% correct but UCGO did display the model correctly without any problems. So most likely it will be possible to add new MS and weapons.

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  • Lance Gerfield

    Another Ayers Rock platform, or maybe even at Orbost, Would be a classic styled fight with players at a line, then rushing at the whistle. (hommage to traditional roman or greek type fighting) Basic, Heat hawks and RX-78 Sabers only.

    Often one of the underated aspects of the game, but fun to use if you get the hang of it.

    Dogfight would be limited to planes (MIDEA & Fat Uncle use? Discuss.) and probably be at ayers rock again :)

    any other suggestions or ideas? comment below :)

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  • Lance Gerfield

    Admin has updated the server with the following:

    New EF MS colors: G-3, RX-78-2 (two), RX-79G, RX-79G Ez8, RGM-79(g), RGM-79L

    New Zeon MS colors: MS-14B, MS-14S, MS-14, MS-09RS DOM, MSM-07 Zgok.
    New clothes: Boater (hat), Strawhat, EF beret, Zeon overseas cap, protective sunglasses, safety goggles.
    EF gets new colors for RX-78 and RX-79G shield (Store bought only; cannot be crafted.)
    All Shields now have similar (if not the same) strength. (EX shields are now also equal to each other.)


    - Videos, polls,

    - Crafting FAQ, Macro guide

    -Will update this blog as new content is added/screen capped.

    Lance Gerfield 23:10, June 11, 2011 (UTC)

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