The new game client update is now available for download. Install it in the same way as the other updates.

It is not possible to use the new items in this update until the server has been updated. The next server update will be in 1-2 days.


The new colors in this update are:

EF: G3, RX-78-2 (3 colors), RX-79G (4 colors), RGM-79(g), RGM-79SP, RX-77-4.

Zeon: MS-14B, MS-14S, MS-14, Gouf (3 colors), MS-09, MSM-07E, MSM-03.


This update includes the following changes:

  • Apsalus, Gaw, Dobday and Bigtray can be used.
  • Gelgoogs can use beam bazooka.
  • DOMs can use shields.
  • Snipers will have more weapon slots.
  • FA Gundam can use beam sabers.
  • Snipers can use cannons and bazookas.
  • ZoGok can use heat sword and heat saber.
  • RX-77-2, RX-77-3, RX-77-4 can use the Gundam/Gelgoog beam rifles. Hopefully this will make it easier for EF to fight in space.
  • Increased mobility for the RGM-79C
  • Range, attack power and accuracy for several weapons has been changed.
  • Guntanks get more armor.

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