New website news from admin:

More progress has been made with the UCGO 3D models. In the picture below you will see a GM with a strange head, those who have assembled gunpla before will probably recognize this part.

This means I am currently able to remove parts from an MS and replace it with a new part. The “pelvis” part in the picture was taken from the GM Sniper and inserted into the RGM-79 3D model.

So far I know how to set the (x,y,z) coordinates for vertices and define polygons. Once I find out how to do UV mapping and surface normals it should be possible to get new 3D models into UCGO.

To make one thing clear and avoid rumors: You will NOT get new MS next month and you will not get Kampfer and Alex Gundam in the next update. I am 90% certain it will be possible to add new MS to UCGO but it takes a lot of work and this is something I do on my free time, so don’t expect anything soon.

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