The server has now been reset, all accounts has been deleted.

If you have not yet downloaded the new game client update you should do that now,

The following changes has been made to UCGO.

§  New stats for MS and weapons.

§  Mining is more profitable. Don’t try to use weapons crafting for making money.

§  The buying and selling prices for several MS and weapons has been changed.

§  All fighters and tanks has more armor.

§  Thundergoliat has a lot more armor now. Raiding mines will be harder.

§  It is possible to carry 2000 energypacks. This was done because shell users can carry a lot more ammo than beam users.

§  MS crafting is easier.

§  Combat skills increase faster.

§  Mobility for the space type Zakus (R1, R2 etc…) has been increased so they work better on the ground.


Also there is a new “rule”.


I know many players would share their MS/weapon crafters or hangar storage accounts with other players. But DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE, because if one of those players cheat then that account and all other accounts linked to it will be banned.

Before this update I would usually not ban shared accounts if someone cheated, but starting from today I will.

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