As per Admin's post on the server page

I have decided to shutdown the server and I’m not sure if it will return again.

As many of you know it’s very easy to cheat in UCGO and there are many players who abuse this. Every week I ban players for cheating but I don’t want to spend time on this anymore so the server has been shutdown.

However don't fear, the Titan's Guys are back and trying to get the ball rolling again, with some help from others as per Blahh11's post on the forums.

To those who have lost all hope, Titans server is back. We have been working on the server for the past few days. It is almost half complete with no known release date. "It may take a while"
This will be also 100% better then with allot of lag issues ironed out that was never fixed with UCGO server. Also it will be impossible to cheat.
Those who are known to be on the project is



Blah11 and a few other whom shall remain hidden at this time.
Use these forums from now on, this is where well be making announcements and such. I wont be using these forums anymore.

Also in light of the fact that this Wiki and the User Forums were attacked, all pages on this Wiki will henceforth be protected and will not have their protection opened until a new server comes up, if at all.

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