The game was updated November 2nd, 2012 with Battleships, you will need to update to see the battleships and other changes.  Also new update as of November 24th, 2012 is required if you are a MS Crafter in order to benefit from the changed level requirements for many of the MS in the factory.

Summary of Changes:

Update: 12/11/2012

Combat skills now increase about 2-3 times faster.

- PVP and PVE increase skills at the same rate.

- There are more high level NPCs available which drops L4 engines and FL/FTCC/JP.

- Attack power and accuracy of the sniper rifles has been adjusted.

- At the bottom of the skills page all the “ace bonuses” are now listed.


Update: 2/11/2012

The server has been updated and it is now possible to use the new battleships.

Those who have not yet downloaded the client update should do that now: UCGOupdate.exe

The MS/MA/BB list has been updated with information about the battleships.

The changes made to the Gelgoog and MSM series also affects existing units. Except for their armor, existing units will keep their old armor.


The MS-14A now has the same dodge and accuracy as Ground Gundam.

The MSM units has been improved.

GAW armor has been reduced. Existing GAWs will keep their armor.

NOTE: Sometimes, very often, when using battleships in space the game will hang when you try to put it into your hangar after using it. Only way to fix this is to relog. This happens only in space and is a bug in the client.


Update: 4/10/2012

The server has been updated with the following changes:

- The gray Midea gets more armor to make it easier for EF to fight the Apsauls, Adzam and Gaw.

- The Adzam gets more armor.

The Gaw will keep its armor. It will not be reduced as mentioned previously.


Update: 1/10/2012

The server has been updated and it is now possible to use the new game client update. If you have not yet installed the update then you must download and install it now, otherwise you will not be able to see other players using the new items.

Also the following has been changed:

- RX-75 Guntank gets 60% bonus to the MS cannon.

- Upgrading MS is now easier. I think the fail rate is about half of what it used to be.

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