Several of the mobilesuits in UCGO are so slow that they are almost useless. This new game client update will increase the mobility of several MS and the range of some weapons. Also the guntanks will no longer need fighter skill.

Download update: speedUpdate.exe

To install the update: download to UCGO folder and run speedUpdate.exe.


The following MS will receive an increase in their mobility.

Guncannons, all types.

Guntanks, all types.

RGM-79, RGM-79D, RGM-79G, RGC-80, Zanny, GM Trainer, RX-78-1.

Zaku, all types except for high mobility types.

Acguy, Agguguy, Juagg, Gogg, Gasshia, ZoGok, Gigan.

Note: they are not getting an enormous bonus to their mobility, but it should be easier to for example move around in newman/richmond and jumping from cliff to cliff.


The range is increased for the following weapons.

MS Cannon. Normal version 1200m, EX version 1300m.

MS Beam Cannon. Normal version 1400m, EX version 1450m.

Beam Bazooka. Normal version 1400m, EX version 1500m.

MS Torpedo. Normal version 1000m , EX version 1100m.

Bias MPBG. Normal version 1000m , EX version 1075m.

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