• Endomosis

    The server has now been reset, all accounts has been deleted.

    If you have not yet downloaded the new game client update you should do that now,

    The following changes has been made to UCGO.

    §  New stats for MS and weapons.

    §  Mining is more profitable. Don’t try to use weapons crafting for making money.

    §  The buying and selling prices for several MS and weapons has been changed.

    §  All fighters and tanks has more armor.

    §  Thundergoliat has a lot more armor now. Raiding mines will be harder.

    §  It is possible to carry 2000 energypacks. This was done because shell users can carry a lot more ammo than beam users.

    §  MS crafting is easier.

    §  Combat skills increase faster.

    §  Mobility for the space type Zakus (R1, R…

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  • Endomosis

    Game Updates + More

    November 30, 2012 by Endomosis


    The game was updated November 2nd, 2012 with Battleships, you will need to update to see the battleships and other changes.  Also new update as of November 24th, 2012 is required if you are a MS Crafter in order to benefit from the changed level requirements for many of the MS in the factory.

    Summary of Changes:

    Update: 12/11/2012

    Combat skills now increase about 2-3 times faster.

    - PVP and PVE increase skills at the same rate.

    - There are more high level NPCs available which drops L4 engines and FL/FTCC/JP.

    - Attack power and accuracy of the sniper rifles has been adjusted.

    - At the bottom of the skills page all the “ace bonuses” are now listed.



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  • Endomosis


    July 21, 2012 by Endomosis

    As per Admin's post on the server page

    I have decided to shutdown the server and I’m not sure if it will return again.

    As many of you know it’s very easy to cheat in UCGO and there are many players who abuse this. Every week I ban players for cheating but I don’t want to spend time on this anymore so the server has been shutdown.

    However don't fear, the Titan's Guys are back and trying to get the ball rolling again, with some help from others as per Blahh11's post on the forums.

    To those who have lost all hope, Titans server is back. We have been working on the server for the past few days. It is almost half complete with no known release date. "It may take a while"
    This will be also 100% better then with allot of lag i…

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  • Endomosis

    Server Update - 25/08/11

    August 26, 2011 by Endomosis

    The stats for several MS has been adjusted. It is mainly the weaker and less popular MS which has been made stronger.

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  • Endomosis

    Client Update

    August 26, 2011 by Endomosis

    Several of the mobilesuits in UCGO are so slow that they are almost useless. This new game client update will increase the mobility of several MS and the range of some weapons. Also the guntanks will no longer need fighter skill.

    Download update: speedUpdate.exe

    To install the update: download to UCGO folder and run speedUpdate.exe.


    The following MS will receive an increase in their mobility.

    Guncannons, all types.

    Guntanks, all types.

    RGM-79, RGM-79D, RGM-79G, RGC-80, Zanny, GM Trainer, RX-78-1.

    Zaku, all types except for high mobility types.

    Acguy, Agguguy, Juagg, Gogg, Gasshia, ZoGok, Gigan.

    Note: they are not getting an enormous bonus to their mobility, but it should be easier to for example move around in newman/richmond and jumping from cli…

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