RX-79(G) Ez-8 stock

RX-79(G) Ez-8 (Stock Colors)

Model Name: RX-79(G)Ez8
Unit Name: Ez-8
Radar: 2000m
Stock Engine: N/A*
Carry Weight: 95,000 kg
Store Price:


Store Sell: 15,000,000 EF$
Skills Required Mobile Suit: 20.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x4, Head x1, Body/Chest x1

*Craft Only, Requires 62JP per attempt.

RX-79(G)Ez8: This Mobile Suit was lately introduced in the anime "08 MS Team" when Shiro Amada was battling against the Apsalus II with a RX-79 (G),but was badly damaged as it was colliding against a wall in which the Apsalus II was pushing the Gundam into it, crushing it. When the damaged RX-79(G) was retrieved by the Earth Federation, they lacked materials to rebuild the RX-79(G) so they used what they could to repair, by the time it was repaired this is where the Ez-8 came into the GUNDAM series.

In UCGO, an EZ-8 is extremely hard to get since it requires 62 Junk Parts in order to manufacture it but it has a low success rate which is same with the RX-79(G), The EZ-8 is a superior type of the original RX-79(G), also has the ability to carry most of the Equipments that are in stores,one potential that other GUNDAM's does have is the potential to carry Sniper Rifle, EZ-8 is the only GUNDAM in the whole UGCO that its able carry one, other than then the RGM-Sniper Classes.

The Ez-8 Requires 20.0 Mobile Suit skill to pilot as mention in the RX-79(G) page and if the player doesn't meet the requirements, running speed and accuracy firing are deducted, its also a Ground Type so therefore it cannot be used in Space as its not built for adaption in space since its a branch off the RX-79(G).

Recommened Crafted BuildsEdit

RX-79(G) Ez-8 equip Sniper Rifle

RX-79(G) Ez-8 equipped with Sniper Beam Rifle Custom

Alternate ColorsEdit

RX-79(G) Ez-8

RX-79(G) Ez-8 (Gray)

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