RX77 Guncannon

RX-77 Guncannon [Stock Color]

Model Name: RX-77-2
Radar: 1800m
Stock Engine: MS/MA HB Engine typeC lv.2
Carry Weight: 95,000 kg
Store Price:

1,800,000 EF$

Store Sell: 1,330,000 EF$
Skills Required Mobile Suit: 15.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x3, Head x1, Shoulder x1

Unit InformationEdit

Spec Sheet
Armor Dodge Critical Accuracy
9 4 6 6

The RX-77 Guncannon is one of many Guncannon units featured in UCGO. This Guncannon requiring 15.0 MS skill. In UCGO, RX-77 is the first entry of the Guncannon series. The main weaponry of the RX-77 Guncannon is the RX-77 Beam Rifle, Head Vulcans and a pair of shoulder mounted cannons. Also, due to its high armor rate, the RX-77 still has a slower movement speed.

Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

Alternate ColorsEdit

RX77 Meloncannon

RX-77 Alt Color (Orange/Gold "Meloncannon")