RX-75 Guntank

Model Name: RX-75
Unit Name: Guntank
Radar: 1600m
Stock Engine: MS/MA HB engine typeC lv. 2
Carry Weight: 92000 kg
Store Price: 500,000 EF$
Store Sell: over 200,000 EF$ (edit later)
Skills Required 4.0 MS Skill
Weapon Slots:

2xManipulator 1xShoulder

Can only be crafted / purchased on ground

Unit InformationEdit

Ground Use: Yes
RX-75 Guntank stat

RX-75 Guntank stats

Space Use: No

MS Construction skill: 60.0

Material: 60 x Luna Titanium Alloy

Engine: HB

Weapon AvailableEdit


  • Gun Launcher
  • MS Rocket Launcher


  • MS Cannon


+60% attack to MS Cannon

Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

Very good MS for maxed out Shell Cart.Skill pilots. You can provide very good fire support in warfare with them. A Guntank upgraded to 800 (710 or 701 for no-U part upgrades), plus it's 60% bonus damage to MS Cannon and good skilled pilot is a good MS in either warfare or 1 vs 1 combat (with rapid-firing Gun Launcher). Or you can upgrade it to 008 (107/017) (max def) for the Tanker Role. With good armor, Guntank can withstand lots of firepower while friendly units take out the enemy. The 080 (170/071) (max accuracy) upgrades are good too. After all, it depends on the pilot's role on the battlefield. - by Victor Allen, EFF Pilot

Another recommendation: It's highly advised that you use EX MS Cannon in warfare, because they have better range than the normal MS Cannon, giving you more better advantage in warfare.

Alternate ColorsEdit