RRf-06 Zanny

RRf-06 Zanny

Model Name: RRf-06
Unit Name: xanax
Radar: 2,000m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TJ/TR engines
Carry Weight: 88,000 kg
Stock Price: N/A*
Store Sell: 140,000 EF$
Skills Required: N/A
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x2 , Head x1

  • Crafting only: MS junk parts x5 per try.

During the early operations of the One Year War, the Federation lacked Mobile Suit technology and found itself rushing to catch up to the Zeon after the devastating losses in January 0079. Early efforts to field Mobile Suits swiftly resulted in a program to salvage damaged MS-06F Zaku II units and repair and refit them into the RRf-06 Zanny.

While built to look more like the Federation's Mobile Suits, the design elements of the Zanny betray its Zaku lineage, specificly in the feet, legs, torso coolant lines, and particularly in its visor-covered mono-eye. Its armor has largely been removed, replaced with simple and thin armor which is insufficient for the unit.

Generally, the machine is inferior to the RGM-79 GM later fielded, comparable to the GM Trainer in capability. The parts used to craft the machine are better spent saving up for an Ez-8, sold, or used to make the appropriate cannon depending on faction. In spite of this, some like having the Zanny simply for its oddity and its collectability. It is not well suited for use in combat.

The following statements were here before the editing of this article, and are largely false, but have been retained for being laughable.

  • The Zanny is the most powerful and feared mobile suit in UCGO. Its ability to one-hit kill G3s and Gelgoogs makes it a feared opponent on the battlefield.
  • The Zanny is damn sexy, and will fuck your shit up.

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