Model Number: MSM-04N
Unit Name: Agguguy
Radar: 2000m
Stock engine: MS HJ Engine type C lv. 1
Carry weight: 92000 kg
Stock price: 850,000
Store Sell: 676,000
Skill required: 0.0
Weapon Slots: 2 manipulator, 1 head

In preparation for its planned assault on the Earth Federation Forces' underground South American Jaburo military headquarters during the One Year War, the Zeon military forces stationed at California Base developed a series of specialized mobile suits to aid in the assault. One of these was the MSM-04N Agguguy, an amphibious unit designed for close combat fighting. Loosely based on the MSM-04 Acguy design, the Agguguy was designed to be heavily armored yet fast, attacking with a pair of spinning heat rods on each arm to grapple, slice and shock enemies. These heat rod "hands" could also be changed out for a claw-type hand similar to that on the MSM-07 Z'Gok. However, the Agguguys built at California Base were never deployed, as Zeon's Commander Char Aznable discovered the secret spacedock entrance to Jaburo long before the scheduled assault, and launched a hasty attack with what limited resources he could receive from California Base in time.