MSM-04G Juagg

Model Name: MSM-04G
Unit Name: JUAGG
Radar: 1800m
Stock Engine: MS/MA HJ engine typeC lv.1
Carry Weight: 95000 kg
Store Price: 900,000 Ef
Store Sell: 806,000 Ef
Skills Required 0.0
Weapon Slots:

Manipulator x2, Body x1

Unit InformationEdit

Spec Sheet
Armor Dodge Critical Accuracy
7 4 4 5

The rather unique looking Juagg is a long range support MS, it comes equiped with two rocket launchers,and a bias mega particle beam cannon. I would recommend replacing one of the rocket launchers with a MS Grapple instead. Doing this give you some form of close range defense, and also allows you to grind your Hand to Hand combat skill.

Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

Alternate ColorsEdit

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