MS-06 Zaku 2

MS-06 Zaku 2 (Stock Colors)

Model Number: MS-06
Unit Name: Zaku 2
Radar: 1400m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR Engine typeC lv.1
Carry Weight: 88000 kg
Stock Price: 200,000 EF$
Store Sell: 142,900 EF$
Skill Required: Mobile Suit: 0.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x2

After construction of the MS-05 Zaku 1 and showing how effective mobile suits were, plans were already underway in developing the next mass production mobile suit. The MS-06 Zaku 2 was created and would soon take over its predecessor's place, the Zaku 1, as the main fighting unit in Zeon's forces.

With many successful attacks under the Zaku 2's belt, many variations of the Zaku 2 would later be built to fit certian roles and dutys in a unit; the Zaku Desert Type, the Zaku Cannon, and would later be the template for the MS-07B Gouf. Though even with the newer,more advanced suits rolling out and threatening to replace the Zaku 2, new and improved versions of the MS-06 series would join the fight, though some of them would not see much action until near the end of the One Year War.

This suit is primarily used by new and lower-leveled players due to the ease of access with MS/MA Crafing (it is available to craft at 19.9 MS/MA Crafting) and it's price. This suit should only be used until a player can get a hold of more suitable custom suit for lower-leveled players such as a Zaku 2S, Zaku R2P (Beam use) or a Gouf.

Alternate ColorsEdit


Zaku 2 - Black

Zaku 2 Gold