FA farmer-green

Full Armor (Farmer Green)

Model Name: FA-78-1
Unit Name: Full Armor Gundam
Radar: 1800m
Stock Engine: N/A
Carry Weight: 95,000 kg
Store Price: N/A
Store Sell: 5,300,000 EF$
Skills Required Mobile Suit: 30.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x2, Shoulder x2, Head x1

Can only be crafted in Newman, Richmond and EFF Space Station.

Unit InformationEdit

FA-78-1 Full Armor Gundam stat

Ground Use: Yes

Space use: Yes

MS Contruction skill: 80.0

Meterial: 300x Fine Lunatitanium Alloy

Engine: HB

The FA is design to be a "powerhouse" for firepower. Twin barrel beam cannon, Shoulder cannon, and "missle pods".The Full Armor Gundam is one of the few high valued machines in UCGO. Only craftable with an Original Colored RX-78-2 AND a Full Armor Upgrade package purchased in either Newman or Richmond (Requires EFF Control of that area). Also requires the same amount of MS Skill as the RX-78-2.

While the Full Armor is probably good to have for anyone cause of it's high armor. It's best used in the hands of Maxed Beam Cart. Skill users, also known as Mid-Range.

Weapon AvailableEdit


  • EF Throwing Device
  • RX-78 Beam Saber
  • RGM-79G Beam Saber
  • RGM-79C Beam Saber
  • RX-79G Beam Saber
  • MS Grapple
  • MS Mega Particle Beam Gun


  • MS Rocker Launcher
  • MS Cannon
  • Gun Launcher RX-75


  • MS Head Vulcan


+30% Attack Bonus to MPBG

Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

Lot people find good in FA maxed Out Power. Outcome with bonus 30% damage to MPBG and heavily armored. FA really good in both role Heavy Mobile Suit for hunting NPC or tanker in war. 

For in role hunting, recommend use B3 engine, or B4 if can, and max out of power. With good pilot skill, you can even solo both MS-14B NPC and MS-14S in shooting range (tested), or hunting MA boss without worry much.

(Information by Eustia)

Alternate ColorsEdit

FA brown

Full Armor brown color

FA pinky-white

Full Armor (Pinky White)

FA marine-blue

Full Armor (Marine Blue)

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