The purpose of this page is to list all applicable translations from Japanese to English. Since there is no longer a publicly available English patch, this page can be useful for understanding some important error messages and such. If you're able to contribute translations, please do so! Not all English players know Japanese.

Error Messages Edit

Error messages are some of the most important phrases that should be readable. Unfortunately they are not in English. As you come across error messages and know translations, please contribute a picture of the message, and text of its English translation!

English Translation: "You don't have enough skill(s) to break up whatever object it is you want to break up." (translation courtesy of Mike Cash on Japan Reference)

When you see this: Usually when trying to dismantle an MS or other applicable vehicle. Note that not all vehicles can be dismantled. This message means that you lack the skill to dismantle that specific object or objects. You can get this message even if you have the skill to develop the object you are trying to dismantle. The reason why is currently unknown.

The Options Menu Edit

The translation for the Options Menu has already been done. It's even on this wiki. Just go to Option Menu Translations for it.

The Help Screen Edit

Currently there is no translation available for the Help screen. The help screen is quite large and has many sub menus. If you can translate the Help screen, and all of its tabs and content inside of those tabs, please do. There could be some invaluable information to non-Japanese speakers.

The Welcome Screen Edit

Currently there is no translation available for the Welcome screen. The welcome screen displays information when you log in (assuming it is either your first account or that you still have the welcome screen ticked in General Options.) If you can translate the welcome screen, please do. It's probably some basic information, but it wouldn't hurt for those who are new to the game.